Surviving to Thriving

A Personal Transformation in Six Lessons

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The Surviving to Thriving Program is an interactive course designed to help you grow through all sorts of blocks that you may be facing in your personal development process and take the trial and error out of personal development. Combining the best of everything I have learned and taught in a life time of self-work, running and attending workshops, and facilitating clients in 1-2-1 coaching sessions, I guide you through a series of deep personal enquiries that will help you flourish by creating the necessary conditions for growth in your life.

While most of the personal development material at the moment focuses on forcing action, which many people feel powerless or resistent to take, my course gives you the tools to cultivate yourself into the kind of person who can take action with a greater sense of clarity and ease.

You will learn

  1. How to orientate your life towards the attainment of happiness rather that the avoidance of suffering.
  2. How we grow, and how better to meet your emotional and psychological needs.
  3. How to unlock and honour your authentic self.
  4. How to maintain emotional wellbeing.
  5. How to harness the gift of taking responsibility.
  6. How to make life awesome! Not some day in the future, but today.

Rich with insight, and relentlessly educational, the Surviving to Thriving Program is a must for anyone who is seriously pursuing happiness through personal development. This course could easily save you a decade of searching for answers in the dark.


Six detailed lessons accompanied by exercises and PDF Action Guides to help you put learning into practice.

Online Support for any enquiries you may have with regards to the content of the program.

Access to Be Yourself and Love It Community for mutual support and encouragement.


Private Membership in Antony Sammeroff’s Surviving to Thriving Facebook Group to network and gain support from other personal development enthusiasts as well as Antony himself.

Community Webinars.

Additional Access to Antony Sammeroff’s Ultimate Communication Power Program - an hour worth of expert material on optimising communications skills.

Access to Additional Exercises, Study Questions and Online Resources.

Our Course is Guaranteed!

If you complete the exercises and are not 100% satisfied with your purchase I will issue a full refund so there is no reason not to find out what the Surviving to Thriving self-study course can do to help you change your life!


Surviving to Thriving

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